Our range of GAMO earphones have been developed especially for gamers – although can of course be enjoyed as a set of regular earphones. 

The H15 model boast a range of features which make them ideal online gaming. Firstly, the elbow designed 3.5mm jack connection allows an angled entry into your device – perfect for holding your phone or tablet in landscape orientation and playing comfortably without the cable interferring with you finger dexterity. 

Moving onto the earphones themselves they not only look super cool and stylish, but also perform brilliantly in all forms of gameplay. You can enjoy high sensitivity Hi-FI sound transmssion. The design of the earpieces are as such to enable you to easier locate members of your group or listen out for enemies. In addition they can be worn for extended periods of time and remain super comfortable. 

Dual microphone interfaces allow you to fully take command of your unit with crystal clarity. The first microphone attaches to the earpiece and can be freely bent for perfect comfort. The second microphone is on the cable itself where a remote is also located. 

They can be worn and used as traditional earphones with any 3.5mm input device – and can easily be converted into gaming earphones simply by attaching the microphone. 

Stunning quality and style and available in two slick colour designs.

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