1‎.‎The case cover is well‎-made‎,‎ compact and lightweight‎,‎ perfectly fit and well protect the Air Pod‎.‎

2‎.‎Thicken key‎-ring hole is very sturdy and durable‎,‎no worry this silicon hole will hold up over time‎.‎

3‎.‎The Airpods case comes with a locking carabiner ‎,‎convenient to carry and avoid losing airpods‎.‎

4‎.‎Small circle on the case back corresponds with your airpods button well‎.‎

5‎.‎This Airpod cover keeps everything handy and safe while you travel‎.‎

6‎.‎Easy to remove and install on your airpod‎.‎ 

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