We are dedicated to selling quality watches to our valued customers‎.‎ There‎'‎s clearly something that makes our watches different from every other watch‎.‎ The look‎,‎ the colours‎,‎  the design‎,‎ perhaps‎,‎ or the fact that its versatile enough to be worn with almost anything‎.‎

There are watches for people of all ages‎,‎ and  for every occasion‎.‎  ‎.‎Wearing one of our collection is a way to communicate‎,‎ to speak without speaking‎.‎ Heart to heart‎.‎

الالوان المتوفره من الساعه جينياس مينا رقمي: روز - اورانج - رصاصي - بني - أسود - أحمر

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السعرجنيه 79.00
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