Zonerich قارئ باركود اسكنر اتوماتيك بالحامل يو اس بي

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1D handheld laser scanner
Wider width of field than a typical CCD
Ultra low error rate at 1/5‎,‎000‎,‎000
Small size with manual and automatic scanning mode
Universal Serial Bus USB

Product name‎:‎ laser scanner
Model #‎:‎ ZQ‎-LS6025
The 1D bar code scanner has high recognition capability‎.‎
The attached holder can free your hands‎,‎ and is more suitable for high load scanning operations‎.‎
USB interface are universally global‎.‎
The automatic scan edition of ZQ‎- LS6025 is your best choice‎.‎
Illuminant‎:‎ 650nm LASER Application‎:‎ Handheld or Put on stand
Error rate‎:‎ 1/5‎,‎000‎,‎000
Safety spec‎:‎ National secondary laser safety standards
Readable barcode types‎:‎ UPC‎-A‎,‎UPC‎-E‎,‎ Industrial 2 of 5 ‎,‎ EAN8‎,‎ EAN13‎,‎CODE 128‎,‎EAN128‎,‎CODE39‎,‎ Code93‎,‎Codabar 125 etc‎.‎
Port Interface‎:‎ USB
Scanning Trigger‎:‎ Manual / Automatic
Resolution‎:‎ PCS 0.9 ‎:‎ 0.10mm ‎(‎4mil‎)‎
Scan depth‎:‎ 0‎-750mm
Scan Speed‎:‎ 120 reads/sec
Scan accuracy‎:‎ 0.10~0.825mm
Scan distance‎:‎ 10~520mm
Elevation angle‎:‎ 60°
Deflection angle‎:‎ 50°
Operation temperature‎:‎ ‎-20?~45?
Operation humidity‎:‎ 5%~85%
Storage temperature‎:‎ ‎-20?~45?
Storage humidity‎:‎ 5%~85%
Power‎:‎ DC 4.5‎-5.5V USB
Work current‎:‎ 120mA
Static current‎:‎ 30mA
Environment luminance Sunlight‎:‎ 3.000 lux max
Water proof‎:‎ IP65
Material‎:‎ ABS‎,‎ EVA
Size ‎(‎L*W*H‎)‎ ‎(‎mm‎)‎‎:‎ 158*65*88
Weight‎:‎ 125g ‎(‎without cable‎)‎

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